WOTA’s “Small-scale decentralized water reuse system demonstration project” is selected as a recipient of NEDO’s “Research and Development Startup Support Program” for FY2022.


WOTA Corp. (CEO: Yosuke Maeda, from now on referred to as “WOTA”) is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a recipient of a grant from the R&D Startup Support Program/Product Commercialization Alliance (PCA), a research and development startup support program implemented by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) in FY2022.

Link: Decision of the implementation structure relating to the open recruitment for the FY2022 “R&D Startup Support Program/Product Commercialization Alliance (PCA)”

WOTA’s “small-scale decentralized water reuse system demonstration project” (“the project”) will verify the performance and reliability of a “small-scale decentralized water reuse system for household wastewater reclamation and reuse.” We will demonstrate the system in different situations and environmental conditions to reach the goal of commercialization. In particular, we will identify specifications that meet the target market’s needs and prepare for product commercialization.

【Project Overview】

WOTA combines biological treatment technology that uses microorganisms to decompose organic matter and membrane treatment technology developed for existing products to recycle and circulate gray water. We aim to commercialize a small-scale decentralized water reuse system for all domestic wastewater that purifies and uses water obtained from various sources, such as rainwater and groundwater, and efficiently recycles and circulates wastewater depending on its use. In May this year, we successfully demonstrated the system in a subarctic region (click here for details).

During the PCA grant period (July 2022 ~ February 2023) and after that, we will continue to demonstrate the system under various facilities and usage scenarios, aiming to complete the reliable technology and commercialize it in 2024.

【Background of the Project】

Since its establishment in 2014, WOTA has focused on the structural challenges of water crises that affect the future of humanity and the planet and has been working to solve them. Water crises include global water shortages, water pollution, and challenges related to conventional water infrastructure, which are becoming more serious yearly.

WOTA aims to spread “small-scale decentralized water reuse systems” worldwide to solve the crises. By doing so, we hope to contribute to solving the following three aspects of fundamental water-related social issues.

1) Structural solution to water shortage: Fostering social systems and lifestyles that efficiently recycle and reuse domestic wastewater on a small scale and use water resources with awareness.

2) Structural solution to water pollution: Reusing domestic wastewater as a resource prevents people’s health hazards and ecological degradation caused by water pollution due to the discharge of untreated wastewater.

3) Structural solutions to the problems associated with conventional water infrastructure: rapid and flexible construction of sustainable water infrastructure that utilizes both conventional and decentralized infrastructure advantages.

Based on the adoption of this project, we will further accelerate our efforts to solve the structural water crisis by commercializing the “small-scale decentralized water reuse system.”

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