Portable recycled water treatment plant


+ Outdoor Shower Kit



Showers for all shelters.

In July 2018, a major flood struck the town of Mabi in Okayama prefecture.
Many evacuees were forced to spend days without access to a shower, despite the intense heat of summer.

Water Recycle

Maximize water use by recycling 98% of wastewater

Cutting-edge AI technology enables recycling of 98% of used water.
Water can be used many times by many people, even when water resource is limited, such as in case of disasters.


Safe & Clean Water

Better quality, as usual.

WOTA's AI water treatment technology constantly keeps the water quality above public water standards.
We have implemented a self sustained system placing safety and sanitation as top priority.

Portable & Speedy

Carry it anywhere, setup in 15 minutes.

We've adopted a tent system that provides a clean and private shower space and is easy to store and transport in emergencies.
Setup is easy and fast, making it optimal for usage at disaster sites and shelters.


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