Make life more free
than before.

WOTA BOX is a portable water reuse system that enables water use even with no water supply.

Optional units expand its functionality for showering or hand washing in the middle of nature or after disasters.

More than 98% of wastewater is reused for reuse, delivering safe and reliable water anytime, anywhere.

WOTA BOX is built with WOTA’s unique technology, distilled from years of research and development.

Life beyond limits
with easier access
to water.

Life where anyone can access clean water anywhere, made possible by technology that is people and eco-friendly. Cutting-edge, automated control of water treatment enables on-site reuse of more than 98% of water.

WOTA BOX makes it possible to use water anytime and anywhere, even in places where running water is not available such as in deserts, forests, or disaster areas.

WOTA BOX is an entirely new type of water infrastructure, small enough to be carried.


    Reuse 98% of
    limited water resources

    WOTA BOX allows you to reuse more than 98% of the water you use. More people can use water more times, even after disasters or when water is in short supply.


    More water than usual
    used in the usual way

    Water passes through six filters before emerging as ultra-soft water that is gentle on the skin. Soap and shampoo can be used as always, making it ideal for post-disaster showers.


    Plug-and-play setup

    No complicated plumbing. Just plug in the tubes and power cord, and flip the switch to ON. The built-in pump makes setup as simple as possible.


    Maintenance status and
    user manual appear
    on the front display

    The front display shows everything you need to know about WOTA BOX, from performing maintenance to troubleshooting. AI constantly checks that equipment and filters are operating properly, and provides a real-time estimate of when to change filters.

Use cases

Rely on WOTA BOX as post-disaster infrastructure, or for showers at events.
No water connection needed—use water freely anytime, anywhere.


WOTA BOX makes it possible to provide comfortable showers even when water supply and sewer connections are severed after disasters. WOTA has helped provide tens of thousands of showers for evacuated people after earthquakes, flooding, and other disasters in Japan in recent years.


WOTA set up a simple shower at a marine sports venue. Athletes and participants enjoyed access to clean water that is soft and gentle on the skin.*Salt water cannot be used to fill WOTA BOX.


WOTA BOX removes more than 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria using four types of filters (one sediment, two activated carbon and one RO membrane), deep ultraviolet rays and chlorine disinfection.

In addition, an autonomous control system for water treatment that combines multiple proprietary embedded sensors and AI, constantly monitors and controls the water quality and system, notifying the user of any maintenance issues or problems.

These technologies enables the WOTA BOX to comply with WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality and provide safe, clean water.


Outdoor Shower Kit

Outdoor Shower Kit

A portable shower that can be set up in 15 minutes

The Outdoor Shower Kit is an easy-to-use package with everything needed to provide showers after disasters. Its tent provides a space that is private and clean, and can be easily carried during disasters or stored. At evacuation centers or elsewhere in disaster zones, just connect to WOTA BOX and it is immediately ready for anybody to use.


  • About the product

    Can WOTA BOX use fresh water other than tap water?

    Water from swimming pools, emergency tanks, and natural fresh water such as rainwater and river water can be used (except if poisonous or toxic substances are dissolved in the water). Water other than tap water must be purified before use. The system should not be used with turbid (cloudy) water.

    Can WOTA BOX use salt water?

    No, salt water cannot be used.

    What water quality standards does WOTA BOX meet?

    WOTA BOX conforms to the WHO water quality standard for drinking water ("WHO Guidelines for drinking-water quality").

    Can I drink the water?

    Water getting into your mouth or eyes in small amounts will not adversely affect your health, but the water is not for drinking.

    Is there any chlorine in the water?

    Yes, water from WOTA BOX contains chlorine at a concentration similar to a swimming pool. It is added automatically by a device inside WOTA BOX.

    Can I store WOTA BOX in a place where it might freeze?

    WOTA BOX can be stored at temperatures between -10°C and 60°C, but be sure to drain the water before storage. Please note that if WOTA BOX freezes without draining the water, it will not be covered under warranty.

    Can I store WOTA BOX outdoors?

    Please store WOTA BOX indoors.

  • About the Outdoor Shower Kit

    Does it take long to set up the shower?

    Two adults can set up the shower in about 15 minutes.

    What kind of location is required for setup?

    Please select a location that meets the following conditions
    (example: parking lot of a shelter):
    -Flat surface
    -Space of at least 4m x 2m
    -Tolerance for some amount of noise

    How much power and fuel are required?

    WOTA BOX: 100VAC (50/60Hz) (power consumption up to 700W)
    Hot water supply system: 100VAC (50/60Hz) (power consumption max. 135W) + kerosene (5.25L/hr)

    Can WOTA BOX be run with batteries or generators?

    Yes, any battery or generator that meets the above requirements can be used.

    What is the flow rate of the shower?

    About 4 liters per minute. The system uses a water-saving shower head that feels similar to a home shower.

    What happens if someone urinates in the shower?

    Please do not urinate in the shower. In the event that urine enters the system, WOTA BOX has a safety sensor that detects, separates and drains it instead of purifying it.

    Is there anything that should not be done the shower?

    To ensure safety, do not pour the following substances down the drain:
    -Hair dye
    -Cleaning agents other than neutral detergent (e.g. mildew remover)
    -Other wastewater generated outside of shower use.
    *Pouring these substances down the drain may compromise the safety of the water, or can cause the filter or pump to break down and require repair.

  • Maintenance

    How often does the filter need to be replaced?

    This depends on how the shower is used, but the most frequently replaced filter should be changed after around 50 showers.

    What is a firmware update?

    WOTA BOX has an automatic software update function that add new features and improves existing features. New software is automatically downloaded to the system and a notification appears on the LCD panel when it is ready to be updated. Please follow the instructions to update the software.

    Can I use the shower while the firmware is being updated?

    You cannot use the shower during the update. It will take about 30 seconds to update.

    Can I continue to use the system without a firmware update?

    The system will continue to function, but we recommend updating to the latest firmware, which contains important enhancements.