Remove every limitation
between people and water.

Human history is the history of our relationship with water.
Water gave rise to our civilizations.
Water has nourished people's livelihoods.
This means that humans need water supplies, such as rivers and lakes, to survive.
At WOTA, we desire to remove every limitation we have in relation to water.
By integrating small water systems into the “big water infrastructure” of the past,
we can achieve a more creative and sustainable way of life.
That is our belief.
In cities and deserts, remote islands, and outer space.
We imagine a future where water is freely available to all people.
Our work will always continue.



WOTA BOX is a portable recycled water treatment plant.
Access water even where there is no water supply.
Safely use water anytime and anywhere,
during disasters or in the wilderness,
by reusing 98% of waste water
from showers, handwashing, and laundry.
Built with WOTA's unique technology,
developed through our intense focus on water.

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WOSH is an entirely new handwash stand,
which can be set up in places without any water supply system.
All it requires are a power outlet and 20L of water.
Designed with WOTA's core technology,
developed through our intense focus on water.

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03 Project


BB.univ. is a free online school for disaster prevention
and BCP organized by WOTA.
BB univ. is aiming to solve and update practical issues
of disaster prevention and BCP,
and has been delivered to over 500 local government
officials nationwide.
This is a medium- to long-term curriculum that
provides lectures on disaster prevention and BCP,
from theory to practice, in streaming video format.
A corporate version is scheduled to start soon.

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  • Location

    2-33-20, Kita-otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

  • Founded

    24 October 2014

  • CEO

    Yosuke Maeda

  • Main Financing Banks

    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Shinjuku West Exit Branch
    MUFG Bank, Hongo Branch
    Mizuho Bank, Tokyo Chuo Branch

  • Business Content

    Manufacture and development of water treatment equipment
    Algorithm development

  • Joint Research Partners

    University of Tokyo
    Kobe University
    Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency


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