“Off-the-grid housing module” that recycles all domestic wastewater will be exhibited at CEATEC 2022.


WOTA Corporation (CEO: Yaosuke Maeda, from now on referred to as “WOTA”) will exhibit an “off-the-grid housing module” equipped with WOTA’s “small-scale decentralized water circulation system” at CEATEC 2022 (from now on referred to as “CEATEC”) from Tuesday, October 18, 2022, to Friday, October 21, 2022.

CEATEC 2022 will be the first face-to-face exhibition in three years to realize “Society 5.0,” which balances economic development with solutions to social issues. It also envisions the future through “co-creation” by bringing people, technology, and information together from all industries and business sectors.

On Wednesday, October 19, 2022, from 12:20 p.m. -1:00 p.m., Maeda, our CEO, Mr. Kasai, Representative Director of Hokuryo Corporation, and Mr. Sakai, Representative Director/Founder & CEO of MUSIVI Corporation, will talk about “Social Change and the Future through Sustainable Distributed Infrastructure.” Maeda will speak on the theme of “Social Transformation and the Future through Sustainable Distributed Infrastructure.” We look forward to seeing you there.

About the “off-the-grid housing module”
The “WHOLE EARTH CUBE” developed by Hokuryo Corporation (CEO: Takeshi Kasai, hereafter “Hokuryo”) has a concept of “anyone living freely anywhere.” It is an “off-the-grid housing module” that allows people to live without being separated by various boundaries while staying connected to nature and the community to which they are attached. The “WHOLE EARTH CUBE” is equipped with MUSVI Corporation’s (CEO / Founder & CEO Yusuke Sakai, from now on “MUSVI”) telepresence system “Window” and WOTA’s “small-scale decentralized water reuse system.”

About the Conference
On Wednesday, October 19, from 12:20-13:00, a panel discussion will be held at the Talk Stage Trend/Future, featuring Hokuryo President Kasai, MUSVI President Sakai, and WOTA Representative Maeda.

Under the title of “Social Transformation and the Future with Sustainable Distributed Infrastructure,” we will discuss how a small-scale distributed infrastructure can solve existing infrastructure problems, such as maintenance costs, tremendous repair work, and inflexible urban planning. We will also discuss new lifestyles that embody Society 5.0 and are not bound by regions or infrastructure.

About the System to Recycle All Domestic Wastewater

The system for recycling all domestic wastewater is a system that collects all wastewater, recycles it through membrane treatment, biological treatment, disinfection, and other processes, and safely circulates it for reuse. Using our proprietary “water treatment autonomous control system,” the system flexibly controls water treatment in response to fluctuations in domestic wastewater, thereby achieving advanced management at the level of large-scale treatment plants and maintaining water safety at the WHO-standard bacteria and virus removal rate, while also being able to reclaim various types of domestic wastewater (*).
*Evaluation under our experimental environment


NameCEATEC 2022 (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies)
Purposeaiming to make “Society 5.0” that balances economic development with solutions to social issues, people, technology, and information from all industries and business sectors will gather to envision the future through “co-creation.”
SessionMakuhari Messe venue: Tuesday, October 18, 2022 – Friday, October 21, 2022, 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Online venue: Saturday, October 1, 2022-Monday, October 31, 2022
Admission: Free (All visitors must register for admission)
*Online registration is required for admission.
AdmissionFree (All visitors must register for admission)


CEATEC Official Webpage

About Hokuryo Corporation
Hokuryo Corporation is a comprehensive gas provider supporting local medical care, living, and manufacturing through manufacturing and selling various gasses in the medical, industrial, and consumer fields. In the medical field, Hokuryo Corporation provides home medical care services such as domiciliary oxygen therapy. Through its disaster support activities for medical institutions and patients on home medical care during the Great East Japan Earthquake, the company has been promoting the “Humanity and Craftsmanship Project for Medical and Disaster Prevention.” The project aims to develop and supply various disaster prevention systems and equipment and foster human resources. We will continue to provide disaster prevention equipment and know-how to local governments, companies, and medical professionals to strengthen regional disaster prevention. Hokuryo Corporation contributes to developing disaster-resistant medical systems and communities by utilizing new technologies and mechanisms for “creating a disaster-resistant society.”

【Company Profile】
・Company name: Hokuryo Corporation (
・Head office: 106-160 Gotou Nichiwari Gotouno kougyou danchi, Waga-chou, Kitakami-City, Iwate Prefecture 
・Establishment: August 1975
・Representative: CEO Ken Kasai
・Business activities: Manufacture and sale of various energy and gas products for home, industrial and medical use, home medical care, and provision of disaster prevention solutions.

About MUSVI Corporation
MUSVI Corporation is engaged in the business of spatial connection solutions utilizing the telepresence system “Window.” With the spread of various remote communication tools worldwide, there is a growing demand for real connections that convey a sense of warmth. Yusuke Sakai, who has been involved in the concept creation and R&D of “windows” at Sony, established MUSVI in January 2022 to create new solutions that respond to such trends.

“Window” is a next-generation communication device that condenses video, audio, and interaction technologies from an ontological perspective, transcending the limitations of distance to create a reality as if the other person is right in front of you and a presence and atmosphere (aura) as if you were sharing the same space. It has been introduced in more than 50 companies, educational institutions, medical institutions, and local governments in Japan and abroad.

【Company Profile】
・MUSVI Corporation (
・5-12-4 Kita Shinagawa, Reid-C Gotenyama Bldg. 7th floor, Shinagawa-ward, Tokyo  
・Establishment: July 2022
・Representative: Yusuke Sakai
・Business activities:
 1. Development, planning, and operation of real-space connection platform “MUSVI.”
 2. Sales, leasing, and consulting of telepresence system “Window.”
 3. Research and development of telepresence technology and provision of related solutions 

About WOTA
WOTA is a Japanese start-up company that aims to “understand the water crisis from a structural perspective and take on the challenge of solving it.” WOTA is developing “water treatment autonomous control technology” and “small-scale decentralized water reuse systems” to solve various water crises caused by uneven distribution, depletion, and pollution of water resources on the earth.

Our products include “WOTA BOX,” a portable water reclamation plant that can be used as a temporary shower facility in times of disaster, and “WOSH,” a water circulation hand washing station that does not require running water. While these products have been used nationwide in Japan for disaster and hygiene measures, we have also demonstrated our future vision of a “small-scale decentralized water reuse system.”

We will continue to promote research and development and product diffusion, aiming to make a “small-scale decentralized water recycling society” in which people can freely use water resources more sustainably.

【Company Profile】

・Company name: WOTA Corporation(
・Head office: 1-13-13 Bakurocho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ward, Tokyo 
・Establishment: October 24, 2014
・Representative: CEO Yosuke Maeda 
・Business activities: Development of small-scale decentralized water reuse system and water treatment autonomous control system

<Contact Information>
●Hokuryo Corporation inquiries about “WHOLE EARTH CUBE” 

Hokuryo Corporation public relations Sugawara: / 070-2022-5177 

●MUSVI Corporation, inquiries about “Window” 

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