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Since ancient times, encounters with external influences have played a key role in the development of Japanese culture and learning, as ideas from the outside have been embraced and reinterpreted to create something new and uniquely Japanese.
Moving towards the future, Japan will continue to be a place where ideas from around the world meet. And by bringing these ideas together to spark new innovation, Japan will work to create a better tomorrow.

WOTA has deployed its WOSH water-reusing hand wash stand at Expo 2020 Dubai, highlighting how this Japanese-designed product meets the global challenge of water scarcity.

About WOTA

Whenever we use water, we produce wastewater. As its name implies, this water simply goes to waste, and can even pollute the fresh water sources where the water came from in the first place. If there was a way to convert wastewater into reusable water, it would solve a huge number of water-related problems, such as water shortages and pollution. Our purpose is to ease society off its dependence on large-scale centralized infrastructure and accelerate the transition towards small-scale, decentralized Water reuse society.

Sustainable technology

Using WOTA’s proprietary water filtration technology, integrated sensors, and AI, WOSH delivers clean, safe water quality while recycling and reusing over 98% of waste water.

Three filters (two activated carbon and one RO membrane) remove viruses and impurities, combined with deep ultraviolet rays and chlorine disinfectant that sterilize more than 99.9% of viruses.

In addition, the Micro Loop Engine (MLE), a monitoring system that combines multiple proprietary embedded sensors and AI, constantly monitors and controls the water quality and system, notifying the user of any maintenance issues or problems.

Autonomous water treatment

WOTA’s core technology is autonomous water treatment. In the past, water treatment was a painstakingly manual process that could only be mastered through years of experience. WOTA offers that mastery in a water treatment device that is hundreds of thousands of times small-scale than conventional water treatment plant, courtesy of our own patented sensors and AI technologies. A great deal of effort has gone into achieving a high level of precision in our autonomous water treatment process.

Cost remains a major reason why water reusing has not become widely available. With our autonomous technology, we’ve cut the cost of water reusing by about 93%.

The more users we have, the quicker we can solve our water problems

WOTA’s water reusing system is designed so that the cost per user decreases as the user base increases. In other words, more sales and more usage means lower costs.

As with all new technology, the unit cost will initially remain high until the production process has been optimized. As a rapidly growing technology company, we want to be able to deliver the next product to the market at as low a cost as possible. That’s why we’ve directed all our free cashflow towards R&D. By purchasing a WOTA product, you’re helping us raise the funds we need to lower the unit cost of our products. With more sales, it will be easier for us to promote WOTA products in more markets as a sensible, money-saving alternative to water infrastructure – which will ultimately help society transition towards using small-scale, decentralized water reuse systems.

With more usage of these initial WOTA products, we’ll be able to gather crucial data that will help us take our autonomous technologies to the next level. Eventually, this will lead to lower costs, both for WOTA and for the consumer. The more users we get, the more markets we can tap into, which will help us gain even more users. By repeating this loop, we can accelerate our transition into a society that gets its water from small-scale, decentralized water reusing systems.

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