The future of water is the future of humanity.


Our goal at WOTA is to realize a better life and society
using a personal water recycling system that does not rely solely on water supply.

Until now, water has been dependent on massive water and wastewater infrastructure.
WOTA shifts this infrastructure to a compact one that individuals can own.

Doing so, we will change our lifestyle
to something more convenient, environmentally conscious, more free and enjoyable.


The six circles of the WOTA logo represent the six values ​​we value. OPTIMISTIC, ADVENTUROUS, CURIOUS, SOCIAL, RADICAL, and FRIENDLY. Not only do we develop our product inside our laboratories, we also go out to fieldwork for demonstration experiments. We have fun creating the future with the people we meet.


What if there is a device that can recycle used water hundreds of times? There will no longer be water shortages, even in droughts. A world where water can be used freely without worry of saving water and water outages. To create such a future, we are developing a personal water recycling system.

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