The future of water is the future of mankind.

WOTA will undertake water transformation.

The history of mankind is the history of water.
Since the birth of humankind, humanity has been asking for water, suffering from water, living near water.
WOTA releases each person’s living from the bondage of water.
Everyone in the world can have freedom of access to water anytime, anywhere.

When unleashed from water which is the biggest constraint since birth,
I believe that the lives of mankind will be even more exciting, creative and exciting.

The city will change, the future will make it easier to live in the desert, uninhabited islands, the universe.

For that purpose we will transform into a small water system that each person can have.
Humanity has so far depended on huge water systems.
WOTA frees humanity from the constraint of water through small water systems.

WOTA fulfills enormous efforts and responsibilities for the lives of mankind.


Water freedom
for everyone, everywhere

Everyone is liberated from the problem of water, creating a future that can enjoy life. It is the future that freedom of water is not influenced by money, generations, nations, places as well.

Our Team

To redefine the relationship between water and people, WOTA is composed of members with diverse backgrounds. WOTA gathers experts in various fields such as water, energy, biology, chemistry, big data analysis, software, electric circuit, mechanism design, architecture, urban planning, design. We have a wide range of members’ work experience including home electronics industry, medical industry, building industry, SIer industry, aerospace industry, research institution, each has experience and recognition experience of each industry. A team that creates new experiences and technologies by repeated discussions with members with various backgrounds in all respects, such as age, expertise, career, international experience, and roots. This is WOTA.



北川 力

Riki Kitagawa

I am from Ishikawa Prefecture. Continue research related to water through Ishikawa technical college, the University of Tsukuba and the University of Tokyo. I have extensive expertise from water treatment technology to water supply and sanitation improvement plan. In the master’s course, I won the Master’s Thesis Award in research on sewerage financial problems in the era of population reduction that Japan will come from now. Dropped doctoral course at the University of Tokyo.


奥寺 昇平

Shohei Okudera

I am from Chiba Prefecture. I majored in computer science at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the University of Tokyo, studying the infrastructure technology of big data in Kitsuregawa Lab, National Institute of Informatics. I engaged in engineering interns in the long term in Slogan, a Japanese start-up company. After working as SE in HITACHI, co-founded WOTA with Kitagawa. Master of Information Engineering.


前田 瑶介

Yosuke Maeda

Born in Tokushima Prefecture. Did research on urban planning / building facilities / environmental engineering at the University of Tokyo. Since I was a university student, worked as PM / Design Engineer at teamLab etc. Cooperating with LIXIL to develop self-sustaining water circulation system unit “Life Core”. After selling power demand forecasting algorithm for large buildings, participated in WOTA. Special skill of Awa-Odori and Ballroom Dance. Received the University of Tokyo President’s Award. Master of Engineering.


山田 諒

Ryo Yamada

I spent my childhood in Silicon Valley. I got interested in water problems at the World Water Forum which I participated as a child representative in elementary school days. I studied environmental engineering and sustainability science at my university / graduate school. Knowledge of various water treatment technologies / products and understanding of water situation in the world, I am responsible for procurement of purchasing and development. Completed Master’s degree in the University of Tokyo. Master of Sustainability Science.

Data Analyst/Ph.D

森島 龍司

Ryuji Morishima

He was engaged in planetary science research and participated in the Cassini exploration plan etc at several Western research institutions such as NASA JPL, UCLA, ETH, etc. I am good at planetary exploration data analysis and simulation of planetary birth. I am interested in environmental issues and IoT, and since that time I participated as a data analyst at WOTA. Ph.D (Science).

Mechanical Engineer

徳永 聡

Satoshi Tokunaga

In CASIO, engaged in mechanical design of various products such as barcode reader, radio, portable liquid crystal television. We have proven themselves in waterproof specifications and falling impact impact design. In 2017, I sympathized with the vision of water regeneration equipment and participated in WOTA. I am responsible for mechanical design of the entire apparatus.

Lead of R&D /Ph.D

西尾 学

Manabu Nishio

After obtaining Doctor (Engineering) as a special researcher of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(DC), engaged in research and development work at the medical equipment department of a chemical manufacturer: Kaneka. I was fascinated by creating a new infrastructure and participated in WOTA since 2017. Utilizing expertise in a wide range of science and technology such as machinery, surface science, polymer chemistry, etc., it is responsible for R&D and others. My hobby is running, full marathon sub-4 runners.

Electrical Engineer

須摩 弘樹

Hiroki Suma

He is a medical equipment maker and engaged in electrical design. In addition to the challenging to protect people’s lives, I participate in WOTA in July 2017 from my own feeling that “I want to create a new product that no one has seen.” I am in charge of electric circuit design.

Software Engineer


Richard Yuwono

I am from Australia. Two bachelor’s degrees (software engineering, art) and master’s degree (social science) are acquired at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University of Sydney. He has over 10 years of experience in the IT field, and experienced software development experience centering on cloud infrastructure.

Office Manager

池田 慈

Shigeru Ikeda

While studying at Tohoku University, I participated in Japan’s first Slush Tokyo (Old Slush Asia) startup celebration from Scandinavian Finland from 2015 and served as Volunteer Organizer (2015), Finance & Legal (2016). Since June 2016 I joined to WOTA and in charge of managing accounting, legal affairs, labor, etc.


江村 祐美

Yumi Emura

I am from Hiroshima prefecture. Major in communication design and graphics at the Tama Art University Integrated Design Department (Nagai Kazufumi Project), working on UI design mainly focusing on visual design, experiencing internship at the domestic design office and the US Silicon Valley Btrax . Participated in WOTA as a design intern from his school days.

Hardware Engineer

城 啓介

Keisuke Shiro

Doctoral course at the University of Tokyo (Department of Interdisciplinary Information Studies Calendar Laboratory). Study on remote communication (telepresence robot / wearable avatar). He has exhibition experience in SXSW past three times. In WOTA, I am in charge of general engineering of product prototyping.

Hardware Engineer

吉森 竜馬

Ryoma Yoshimori

I am from Hiroshima prefecture. After majoring in Mechanical Engineering Department at Matsue National College of Technology in Shimane Prefecture, he advanced to Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and conducted research on solar heat / light utilization technology. I am in charge of embedded software implementation and experiment in WOTA. He is also developing a camera for movie shooting as a hobby. Film and Japanese Comic “Dragon Ball” have a strong influence on personality formation.


竹村 健司

Kenji Takemura

Master ‘s degree in the University of Tokyo (Department of Architecture, Chiba Laboratory). While engaging in architectural design practice, conduct research on usability evaluation of disabled sports facilities and others. I also tried activities in the context of tactical urbanism. I have experience of winning in architectural design including the Space Architecture Prize First Prize. I am in charge of UX design and design research in WOTA.


AI system for water treatment management

The core of WOTA’s product and service is “WOTA CORE”, a water treatment management AI system that optimizes the water treatment process that was traditionally an artisanal “experience engineering” with its own sensors and algorithms. Based on the integrated big data, we will evolve system hardware and software together, realize the future way of living while guaranteeing security and reducing costs.

1. Personal Water Products

Future water purification system

WOTA ‘s product is the future water infrastructure, all equipped with “WOTA CORE”. With a small and personal water infrastructure, anyone can use anywhere, anywhere, with clean water that has reduced the environmental impact. Currently, shower and hand washing are put into practical use, and we will aim for off-gridization of all living water by sequentially deploying around the water such as washing machine, toilet, kitchen etc from now on.

2.WOTA CORE for Water Treatment Plants

AI optimization solution for water treatment facilities

By applying WOTA CORE to conventional water treatment plant facilities and evolving it, it is possible to cut cost considerably. Today, domestic wastewater and industrial wastewater are processed naturally in water treatment plant facilities to reduce environmental burden. By using “WOTA CORE”, it is possible to reduce the operation and management cost of water treatment plant facilities, and it is possible to reduce the basic burden of living and business.

Company Profile

Company NameWOTA CORP.
RepresentativeCEO Riki Kitagawa
LocationTosei Bldg. 2F, 3-40-3, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo JAPAN
Date of establishmentOctober 24, 2014
DirectorsRiki Kitagawa
Shohei Okudera
Main BankMizuho Bank Tokyo Central Branch
Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank Shinjuku Nishi-guchi Branch
Business contentsManufacture and development of water treatment equipment
Algorithm development

Company History

April 2014Preparation for establishment
October 2014HOTARU CORP. established
December 2014Office relocation to Hongo 7-chome, Bunkyo-ku
Janurary 2015No.1 prototype (for kitchen) development
August 2015No. 4 prototype (for mobile / shower) development
April 2016Shower provided free of charge in the areas affected by the Kumamoto earthquake
June 2016Office relocation to the Hongo 3-chome, Bunkyo-ku (present location)
August 2016Shower free of charge at “Burning Man”
September 2017Company name changed to WOTA CORP.
July 2018Shower free of charge in the western Japan torrential rain disaster stricken area