IoT platform specialized for water treatment plants

The WOTA PLANT is a cloud based data management service focused on collecting, analyzing, and coordinating data for water treatment plants. WOTA PLANT makes collecting, analyzing, and coordinating data from membranes, reactors, pipes, instrumentation panels, and laboratories easy.Significant cost reduction can also be achieved by applying the WOTA PLANT to conventional water treatment plants. To reduce environmental load, sewage is first treated at facilities and released into rivers. By using the WOTA CORE, you can reduce the operating cost of the water treatment plant and enhance business competitiveness.

A large issue with water treatment is the inefficiency of management, but there are not many available solutions. The WOTA CORE enables the operator to recognize the facility performance, leading to effective management and improvement.

The WOTA PLANT water treatment optimization algorithm improves operation efficiency, automates processes and reduces management costs.
・Reduce downtime during peak hours and keep operation on schedule.
・Reduce operation cost by extending life span of equipments.
・Maximum efficiency with optimized workflow.

The WOTA PLANT controls resource management to improve energy efficiency and maximize throughput.Our platform is built on complex data science and continues to improve with your data. This enables a solution that can be easily implemented for solving issues and improving efficiency, for a broad spectrum of customer needs.

What makes the WOTA PLANT unique is that it is a cloud platform with high security and minimum hardware dependencies. WOTA’s reliable solutions and experienced team is ready to provide service at your water treatment plant.
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