Safe & Clean Water

Better quality, as usual.

With our AI-enabled and automated system, WOTA BOX is designed to provide not only quality water but also an easy user experience.

Using a reverse osmosis membrane, the WOTA BOX is capable of filtering soaps and shampoo. We've also designed a clean and private shower space.

Equipped with a Smart Diagnosis Feature, a Safety Stop Feature and a Help Guide in case of emergencies.

Water as usual, even in disasters

Capable of removing soap and shampoo

You can soap and shampoo like you do everyday.
By sending the water through 5 stages of filters that are optimized for disaster use, water that is soft and gentle on the skin is obtained.


A clean and private shower space.

The WOTA BOX enables a relaxing shower experience, whether alone, with your family, or with those with disabilities, even in case of disasters.


Easy-to-use control panel

Smart Diagnosis Feature

AI will diagnose the condition of the filters and the system itself in real time.
Know the filter replacement timing in a glimpse.

Help Guide

Everything about the WOTA BOX, including information about maintenance and troubleshooting is accessible from the front display.
No worries of forgetting how to use it.

Safety Stop Feature

If unusual water quality or water temperature is detected, the WOTA BOX will automatically stop the shower.
The shower can be started again by using the Help Guide.