Water Recycle


AI-enabled water recycling system of the future

Water recycling system of the future
Water can be reused many times by running it through multiple filters.

We have achieved high water quality and purification efficiency with a unique array of sensors and AI technology.

By treating used water on-site, water can be conserved, making it a human and environmentally friendly water recycling system of the future.

Maximize water use by recycling 98% of wastewater

An average shower uses 40 to 50 liters of water.

WOTA BOX is capable of offering showers up to 100 people with just 100 liters of water.


Consistent water quality with AI-enabled management

Use-optimized filter selection

We have selected the optimal filters for disasters from our original filter database.
By sending the water through 5 stages of filters, water that is soft and gentle on the skin is obtained.


Constantly changing, intricate control

Our sensors constantly check the water quality and filter conditions.
Intricate control for cost and efficiency is carried out in real time, without compromising safety.