Our Team

Members at WOTA come from diverse backgrounds. Areas we specialize in include water, energy, biology, chemistry, data analysis, software, circuits, machine design, architecture, city design, and many more. Members have worked at industries of home appliance, medical, architecture, software integration, aviation, and research, and many have histories of having earned awards. Our team is dedicated to creating new experiences and technologies through discussion and knowledge of a these various backgrounds.



前田 瑶介

Yosuke Maeda

Yosuke studied urban planning / building facilities / environmental engineering at the University of Tokyo. While attending university, he participated in developing a water related IoT system unit at a housing company. He worked as a project manager and engineer at teamLab, and engaged in planning and development of products using sensors and physics simulation. He joined WOTA after developing and selling an electricity demand forecasting algorithm. He also loves to dance. He was awarded the University of Tokyo President’s Award.


奥寺 昇平

Shohei Okudera

Shohei studied big-data related infrastructure technologies during his master’s course at the University of Tokyo. He participated as a long term engineering intern at Slogan, Inc. After working at Hitachi as a software engineer, he founded WOTA with Riki.


山田 諒

Ryo Yamada

Ryo spent his childhood in Silicon Valley. His interest in water problems was born during the 3rd World Water Forum, which he participated as a child representative in his elementary school days. He studied environmental engineering and sustainability science at both his bachelor’s and master’s course. He has deep understanding in various water treatment technologies and of the water issues around the world. At WOTA, he is in charge of procurement and managing product development.

Data Analyst/Ph.D

森島 龍司

Ryuji Morishima

Ryuji was a researcher on planetary science at multiple facilities such NASA JPL, UCLA, and ETH, and was also a member of the Cassini exploration project. He specialises in planetary exploration analysis and planetary birth simulation. He is interested in environmental problems and IoT. He joined WOTA in 2018 and is in charge of data analysis.

Mechanical Engineer

徳永 聡

Satoshi Tokunaga

Satoshi engaged in the mechanical design of barcode readers, radios and LCDs at CASIO and Motorola. He has experience in waterproof and shockproof design. Having sympathized with WOTA’s vision of recycling water, he joined in 2017. He is in charge of mechanical design.

Lead of R&D /Ph.D

西尾 学

Manabu Nishio

Manabu obtained a doctor’s degree in engineering at Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(DC). He engaged in the research and development of medical equipments, at a chemical manufacturing company. Being fascinated in creating a new type of infrastructure, he joined WOTA in 2017. With his knowledge on machinery, surface science, polymer chemistry, he is in charge of research and development. He takes running as a hobby, and can run a full marathon in under 4 hours.

Electrical Engineer

須摩 弘樹

Hiroki Suma

Hiroki worked at a medical equipment maker and engaged in electrical design. Wanting to save people’s lives and to create something unprecedented, he joined WOTA in 2017. He is in charge of electric circuit design.

Software Engineer


Richard Yuwono

Richard studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University of Sydney, and has two bachelor’s degrees (software engineering, art) and a master’s degree on social science.He has over 10 years of experience in the IT field, and is an expert on software development, mainly on cloud infrastructure.

Office Manager

池田 慈

Shigeru Ikeda

Shigeru has participated in Japan’s first Slush Tokyo (formerly Slush Asia) startup event, and served as a Volunteer Organizer in 2015, and as a Finance & Legal Administrator in 2016. He joined WOTA in 2016 and is now in charge of accounting and legal affairs.


江村 祐美

Yumi Emura

Yumi studied communication design and graphics at the Tama Art University Integrated Design Department (Nagai Kazufumi Project), and worked on UI design focusing mainly on visual design. She also has experience as an intern at a design office in Japan, and at Btrax located in Silicon Valley. She started as an intern at WOTA while attending school.

Hardware Engineer

城 啓介

Keisuke Shiro

Keisuke attends a doctoral course at the University of Tokyo (Department of Interdisciplinary Information Studies Calendar Laboratory). His research focuses on remote communication such as Telepresence Robots and Wearable Avatars. He has displayed his works at SXSW three times. He is in charge of engineering in general, and also product prototyping.

Hardware Engineer

吉森 竜馬

Ryoma Yoshimori

Ryoma majored in mechanical engineering at Matsue National College of Technology in Shimane Prefecture, proceeded to Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and conducted research on solar heat / light utilization technology. He is in charge of embedded software implementation and experiments. He is also developing a camera for filming as a hobby. His personality is influenced on movies and the Japanese comic “Dragon Ball”.


竹村 健司

Kenji Takemura

Kenji attends master‘s course in the University of Tokyo (Department of Architecture, Chiba Laboratory). While engaging in architectural design, he conducts research on usability evaluation of sports facilities for the disabled. He also engages in activities in areas of tactical urbanism. He has a history of awards such as first place in the Space Architecture Prize. He is in charge of UX design and design research.

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