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We are now accepting orders for the WOTA BOX and the Shower Package for Shelters

「WOTA CORP. will accept pre-orders for the WOTA BOX and Shower Package for Shelters at the official website (URL: http://wota.co.jp/wota-box/) starting from February 11th 2019 .

We will also display the WOTA BOX and Shower Package for Shelters and accept pre-orders at the 23rd Yokohama Shinsai-Expo (Hall D, Booth No. 318) on February 7th 2019, with a limit of 100 units.


The WOTA BOX is a portable water treatment system capable of recycling 98% of used water. By using it with the Water Heater, Shower Tent, and Changing Room Tent included in the Shower Package for Shelters, anyone can set up a shower even in a situation where water is limited, such as in case of disasters. A usual shower uses about 50 liters of water but our system can reduce that to 1 liter per shower, making it possible to take 100 showers with just 100 liters of water.

Although water supply takes the most time to recover, preparation for water in cases of emergencies is insufficient. Bathing is essential for public health and hygiene, and is also stated in the national guideline. It is also the second biggest problem at evacuation sites*1. Despite this importance, provision was available only from a small number of sources such as the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

We have been working on our water recycling system since 2014 and provided shower services in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, the 2018 Japan Floods, and the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake. More than 300 people have used our shower at evacuation shelters, and we have received many voices of delight.

With the vision of making possible water freedom for everyone, everywhere, WOTA will keep devoting to create a country where everyone can set up their own showers in events of disasters.

The WOTA BOX and Shower Package for Shelters

*1 Nagahata et al., “Hinanjyo ni okeru seikatsu kankyo no mondai to sutoresu tono kankei ni tsuite” (The Relation between Living Environment Problems and Stress in Evacuation Centers)



Information on the WOTA BOX
We have achieved high water quality and purification efficiency with a unique array of sensors and AI technology. Our technology can 1. Model and monitor multiple aspects of water quality, and 2. Adjust the water treatment process according to the dirtiness of the water for longer filter life and less environmental impact.

Information on the Water Recycling System


WOTA BOX Left: Front Right: Back

■ Main Features
By treating the water with high efficiency, the water usage of a shower can be reduced from the average 50 liters to 1 liter, making it possible to take 100 showers with just 100 liters of water.
1. Recycle over 98% of the water
2. Operates without water supply
3. No construction needed, operate with a push of a button
4. AI controlled quality management ensures safe water

Specifications (The specifications and design may change without notice.)
Power Requirement:100VAC, 400W(Average)※Battery-Operable
Shower flow rate:240L/h
Purification Rate:240L/h ※2
Maintenance Frequency:Once per 50 showers(10 minutes)
Water Quality:In accordance with Japanese public bath water standards
Compatible wastewater:Soap, Shampoo, Rinse, Body Soap
※2 Varies with quality of wastewater.



Information on the Shower Package for Shelters
The Shower Package for Shelters is an all-in-one package with everything you need to set up a shower in case of disasters. The package includes the WOTA BOX, the Water Heater, the Shower Tent, and the Changing Room Tent. With this package, anyone can set up a shower without any training.

Shower Package for Shelters


■ Main Features
1. Tent systems for minimum space requirements and portability
2. Setup easily in 15 minutes with 2 people
3. A clean and private shower space
4. Many options available such as air conditioners and power supplies

■ Specifications
・Water Tanks (2 types: 500 or 100 liters, depending on usage.)
・Fuel Operated Water Heater (Output: 40000kcal/hr (46.5kW)) and Fuel Tank (Capacity: 80L)
・Pop-up Shower Tent (w110 x d110 x h210 (when setup)*3)
・Pop-up Room Tent (w240 x d240 x h250 (when setup) *3)
*3 Both tents can be neatly folded into a small space.



Our Achievements
WOTA has been providing showers at disaster sites since the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, using prototypes of the WOTA BOX and Shower Package for Shelters. When we served over 100 people with our showers at the 2018 Japan Floods and the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake, word spread across the socal media, and interest towards our products increased rapidly.
We have interviewed the Japan Self-Defense Forces, fire departments, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, and municiple authorities, and applied their voices to imporove our product. In October of 2018, WOTA made a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement regarding water, with Kanagawa prefecture, and is cooperating with municiple authorities.

Showers provided at the 2018 Japan Floods


Test operation at fire fighters academy in Kanagawa


■Voices of Users
“It has been a while since I last took a shower alone. Thank you so much.” – Male Evacuee of the Kumamoto Earthquake
“It’s really convenient being able to take a shower close to the shelter.” – Female Evacuee of the 2018 Japan Floods
“Since I can’t walk too far, I wasn’t able to visit the baths provided far away. I’m really grateful of being able to take a shower near the shelter like this.” – Female Evacuee at the Hokkaido Earthquake
“We usually have to deal without showers in case of disasters, but with this, things might change” – Male Fire Fighters Academy Instructor


Exhibit Information
The 23rd Yokohama Shinsai-Expo
February 2nd (Thu.) to 8th (Fri.), 10:00 to 17:00
Pacifico Yokohama, Hall D, Booth No. 318
See link below for exhibit details.


Company Info
CEO: Riki Kitagawa
Location: Tosei Building, 3−40−3, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Founded: 24 October 2014

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